The last couple of weeks have been a ride! We got our first podcast out for Get Your Mind Right Friday, changed the name of our main podcast as we were building content, and the corporate grind left a mark.

There have been a few different topics floating in my head for GYMRF and I kept going back to the topic of WINNING and the question on whether winning is a skill.

Is winning a skill? Heck yes, it is! Whether in the corporate world or playing sports the preparation, effort, and dedication that goes into winning is a heavy lift. Sure overall talent such as athleticism in sports or overall experience in the corporate world play a role but at the end of the day, if you don’t have the mindset to WIN, failure will sneak up and smack your ass.

I have seen this coaching youth sports numerous times. The team has practiced and the talent is there, but when faced with adversity what will the outcome be? It takes a winning mindset to win the championship game. Losing sucks and it should hurt. When a sports team gets used to losing the wheels have basically popped off. This is the same in sales and the corporate world.

In sales, it is hard not to fall into the water cooler pity party. Believe me, when you are achieving success in the corporate world people will want to drag you down to their level to help justify why they are losing. Hell, even our friends and family will do this. Having the mindset to block out negativity and keeping charging is not easy. Quitting a job or telling friends that you need a change is definitely not easy, but sometimes it is required to put yourself in a position to win and achieve success.

Refusing to let negativity in and the discipline that goes into winning is a skill! There is not one skill that represents winning it is a combination of skills and overall mindset. When the clock has run out or the quarter has closed there should be no doubts that everything was given. When you put it all on the line the WIN gives you the hunger for wanting more and a loss has you even hungrier to bounce back and crush it.

Pete L, Chief CorpballerĀ 

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