It has been a minute! Always amazed how our journeys in life can take such winding turns, some that cause setbacks and others that help create positive momentum! The mind is powerful especially when it is on the right path.  In our initial podcasts I often touched on the POWER of MINDSET. To harness this POWER I believe you have to fuel it with PURPOSE which is a little bit different than goals.   What is your true purpose for charging the mountain and starting on a path in the first place?  I don’t think the answer is easy or definitive.   I think as humans we naturally question the things that we do whether in school, work, sports, or life.   Questioning and analyzing decisions that we make is extremely positive and how we navigate life, however when our constructive self-criticism becomes negative it easy to get lost and question everything.  Having purpose help keeps you on the path and fueled! It goes back to the micro-wins and taking on challenges head-on, it is why we do what we do.  HAVE PURPOSE!

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