Memorial Day! A day to remember and pay respect to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation! Memorial Day also reminds me of the importance of friendship. Many us have lost family members and friends due to war, and when Memorial Day weekend comes around, it gives us a time to take a step back and remember how wonderful they were and the impact they made on our lives.

While I was in Military School at Wentworth Military Academy, I was blessed to have met Sgt. Danton “Kyle” Seitsinger. Kyle was a class above me, but we were in the same company and played several sports together. There was a group of us that had a pretty strong bond and hilarious memories to last a lifetime. Beyond our shenanigans and we were always there for each other.

When my mom died, I remember getting called to the commandant’s office to get the news. I remember it like it was yesterday, but I also remember Kyle immediately being there for me. His friendship helped me get through a very rough time, and I am grateful for it. He defined the true meaning of friendship.

Unfortunately, I also remember the day my phone rang on a January morning in 2004 to learn that Kyle had died while serving in Afghanistan. I was in a sales meeting at Nextel and just had that feeling we all sometimes get when something was wrong.

Kyle was a great friend, but most of all, he was a GREAT person! He could make anyone laugh and just had such a great passion for life. I truly miss him, and am grateful that I got to call him a friend.

Sgt Danton Kyle Seitsinger, 29 Jan 2004 (aged 29) Afghanistan.

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