Terry Bradshaw! Wow! I had the opportunity to be at a work event this week that brought in Terry Bradshaw to speak to the audience and I have to say it was awesome!  Terry had infectious energy on the stage and couldn’t believe he was 71!! Not mention the guy actual moves around pretty good as well for ex-football player.   I have seen a lot of speeches from athletes and celebrities, some good and some not so much but Terry?  He  CRUSHED IT.   

Terry provided a couple of different messages throughout his speech but my favorite was a simple one, SMILE.

A simple smile is so infectious and uplifting.  I remember being at the deli counter last week, and the lady behind the counter asked me what had me smiling so big, I simply said I am always smiling! She had a good laugh and then everyone else was laughing.  A small little positive moment for everyone at the deli counter, ha!  

I guess there is some truth to what I said, I remember my first week of military school I obtained the nickname Smiley which wasn’t the biggest positive as a first-year cadet but I guess I have been known to smile a lot.  However, I have also been known to be the opposite which isn’t a good look. 

When I travel, I always try to ensure that I say good morning to at least three random people and have to admit the more good mornings with a smile I give the happier I am.  However, I have not been traveling as much and am probably in my office too early cranking out emails and hopping on calls, one of the cons of a home office.  However this is a simple fix, there is no cost to saying good morning and smiling it is just taking the effort and time to do it.  🙂

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