The Story Behind Corpballer

About Corpballer

Corpballer is a sales and leadership company dedicated to improving the mindset and performance of individuals, teams, and businesses. Our goal is to make an impact by providing sales and leadership consulting services as well as thought leadership through our podcasts, blog, and other content.

Corpballer was initially founded by Peter Lind as a human performance company (CadreFit) in 2010 based on his passion for sports and desire to better understand the mindset that makes great athletes great! Peter traveled the country, engaging with some of the best performance and mental conditioning coaches in the world while also still working as a successful senior sales leader for a global software and services company.

As Peter worked his way through the human performance industry, gaining several certifications, his focus became more concentrated on mental conditioning. Why? Peter believed some of the defining factors that made great athletes GREAT also made great salespeople GREAT.

Peter’s renewed passion for sports and business drove the name change from CadreFit to Corpballer, symbolizing the joining of both passions. Peter now travels the world meeting with leaders and influencers to gain their aspect of leadership and communication while also being the CEO for Corpballer’s sales and leadership consulting services.

The Chief

Peter Lind

Founder and Chief Corpballer

Peter started his career in sales as a hungry sales executive working at a corporate wireless store selling to small businesses looking to improve productivity and communications for their companies.  Fast forward almost twenty years, and BILLIONS in revenue, Peter’s passion for helping companies improve their productivity, and communications has only grown.  He went from selling mobile devices to a business that just hired their first employees to selling mobility and cybersecurity solutions to the US Government and some of the largest companies in the world.  

Peter prides himself on carrying a sales bag and leading his sales teams in the field.   Peter’s passion and never quit attitude helped propel him through the corporate ranks achieving great success. 

Peter also has a real passion for leadership and winning which he attributes to being an alumnus of Wentworth Military Academy, playing sports, and being challenged in life, which hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows.  

Peter has built several successful sales teams during his career and is a true believer that esprit de corps is a critical attribute of successful teams. 

Peter has traveled throughout his career meeting with some of the top leaders in business as well as in the human performance industry when he went on a quest to better understand the mindset of great athletes and sales leaders. Peter combined what he has learned in business and in the human performance industry to create Corpballer.

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